Recommended places to eat in Paris

It can be difficult to plan to visit specific restaurants when going on a city break. Especially if you don’t have much time/have lots of things you want to see and do. However, we have never felt disappointed when researching, finding and dining in a specific restaurant that has caught our attention before the trip. Paris was no different.

Although with just a couple of days to play with we did get caught in tourist traps a couple of times, we also visited some great restaurants.

  1. L’Ober-sale (Oberkampf)

This was a Tripadvisor recommendation and surprisingly easy to find! Close to the metro and a great place for a well-priced lunch. (We have often found that having a meal out at lunchtime can save costs as there is more likely to be a lunchtime offer than an offer in the evening). L’Ober-sale was no different. There was a limit of just two choices but it was only 16€ for two courses. I had the pork and Rob opted for haddock, with poached apple in salted caramel sauce for dessert; all were delicious! It was very quiet when we first arrived at around 12PM but as there were only 7 tables we were pleased to get a seat without booking.

2. Le Jourdain

Excellent service and seafood at Le Jourdain. Unfortunately when researching Rob didn’t realise this was a seafood restaurant (I don’t eat fish!) But it didn’t really matter that I was being a vegetarian for the evening as the food was amazing!

Both of these were amazing authentic french experiences… the only slight problem was understanding the menu. In both cases the waiters were very understanding, but I would recommend some kind of translating device to make the decision making easier!

Another great app that we have recently discovered is called The Fork… a great way to find lunch/dinner deals in the best restaurants across Europe!