Swimming in Kakaban island’s stingless jellyfish lake!

We weren’t only excited to go to Kakaban for the incredible diving; this island also boasts one of the world’s most unique safety stops; the stingless jellyfish lake.

After battling through the rain for an hour we made it to the magnificent Kakaban island. Despite the choppy seas, our first dive here was absolutely incredible and the surface interval was just as awesome!

Arriving at Kakaban

We paid an island entrance fee of <£2 and after a short 10minute walk spotted the jellyfish lake – it was huge!

The lake has formed over thousands of years, as the island rose above sea level with the water turning from salt to brackish water. As a result the jelly fish and other marine life within the lake have evolved separately from the rest of the world creating a truly unique habitat of stingless jellyfish!

There are 1000s of jellyfish in the lake and it was crazy to know that they were completely harmless! There were so many in the lake that you couldn’t help but touch a couple, they felt slimey (I suppose like jelly!) and they were very picturesque!

It was only when arriving back at Scuba Junkie Sangalaki that we realised there are actually 6 different types of jellyfish in the lake. I would love to try and spot them all if we ever get the chance to go back.

Finishing our rainy jellyfish lake experience, ready for a couple more dives!

Check out our time at the jellyfish lake on our diving in Sangalaki video:

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  1. We were at the Aquarium 2 weeks ago. Also bought the year membership as we plan on visiting more often. The new Jellyfish display was amazing! Every time we go, the kids learn something new, I do too!

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