Trekking up Runyon Canyon in a dress (epic traveller fail!)

**Disclosure: Make sure you’re well prepared if you decide to go trekking in Los Angeles; taking water and sensible clothing/footwear would be a good start! To my defence… this wasn’t on the itinerary!**

Whilst driving around the Hollywood hills, we spotted some people on a hill in the distance and with one click on the Sat Nav, we were making our way to the spot, hoping to get a good view of LA. The Sat Nav didn’t seem to quite get us to the location but we did arrive at Wattles park. Parking was still free until 11AM which gave us around an hour and a half to explore.

It was a bit of a local hotspot with people hiking and walking their dogs. We were a bit worried about the signs warning of rattle snakes but noticed a couple of paths so starting following one up the hill, hoping to reach the viewing point we’d spotted from the Hollywood hills.

Turns out our “path” wasn’t a main path. Before long we were surrounding by plants, bees and the path was getting steeper and steeper. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the worst bits as I needed both hands to climb up the side of (what turned out to be) Runyon Canyon! Since neither of us were dressed for a hike (I was wearing a dress and Toms), it was probably even harder than normal as the ground was crumbling away under our feet.

Arriving at the top brought some sense of satisfaction as the view was great, but more of stupidity when we realised what we’d trekked through, seeing now there was a much more obvious path!

The more obvious path…
…What we had just climbed!

Amazing view though – at the top of Runyon Canyon!

Dehydrated, hands full of cactus needles and getting sunburnt we headed further up the hill to return to Wattles park down the clearer path.

It was still a pretty challenging descent in our attire but after a while we could see the end in sight and even spotted our car! Excitement soon turned to panic as we noticed a tow truck pulling up behind it at 10:50AM! Rob ran down the rest of the hill and made it back just in time. We both decided that probably wasn’t the best trek we could’ve chosen and although the views were amazing, you can see an incredible view over LA from the Griffith’s observatory (which you can drive up to!) – read more about it here.

Making a quick get away before the parking attendant returns! … after we’ve put the roof down of course!

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