Our Grand Canyon Helicopter Sunset Tour (inc. GoPro video!)

One of the main reasons I was excited to come to Las Vegas was to see the Grand Canyon, my first natural wonder of the world!

We spent quite some time researching different packages and tour operators and decided to go with Sundance. Rob was particularly keen for a sunset tour because you fly back over the Las Vegas strip at night-time. We booked our Sundance package through GC tours as livechat gave us an extra discount, making it one of the cheapest sunset packages around.

Our package included:

  • Limo pick up and collection from our hotel
  • 45 minute helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon, flying over the Hoover dam, lake meade, the sky walk and eagle point.
  • 30 minutes in the canyon, with a champagne picnic
  • 45 minute flight back, flying over the lights of Las Vegas.

Everything went so smoothly. We had a bit of a wait after check-in but it was great because it gave us chance to see the last fleet of helicopters coming in. Everyone landing was absolutely buzzing, apart from one poor girl who had filled 3 sick bags! Rob got a bit worried about the motion sickness but he needn’t have been, out Pilot Joe did a great job steering us through the canyon!

Before boarding, we had spotted a couple trying on Sundance caps in the shop; finding it hard to communicate as one was French and the other Brazilian. They were crazy and it was pretty hilarious watching them…….. until we realised they were on our flight! Not only that, as soon as they met the pilot, they played the anniversary card and (coincidentally?) were given the front seats. We did get to rotate for the journey back though. It was definitely better in the front, although you do get a great view from the sides too – with the Hoover Dam on the right on the way to the canyon and the Las Vegas strip on the left on the way back.

I loved feeling the helicopter hover as it took off and couldn’t believe how smooth the journey was! The views just kept getting better and better, first flying over Las Vegas, then seeing the incredible Hoover Dam! Our headphones enabled us to talk to each other and the pilot as well as listen to music and information about the Grand Canyon. Of course this also meant we could hear the crazy couple saying “I love you” and “happy anniversary!!”.

The flight through the canyon was breath-taking; we felt like we were in a scene from star wars! Gutted that at this point the GoPro malfunctioned!! But luckily we got it up and running again for the flight back.

Landing down in the canyon was incredible. The floor was rockier than I’d imagined and it was so windy, but the scenery was amazing. We only had 30 minutes, which went so quickly. After having a little look around and taking some photos, we scoffed down our picnic and champagne and re-boarded the helicopter.

Flying in the front, we had a view of everything. The sunset really illuminated the red rocks of the canyon and made everything look even more beautiful!

By the time we arrived in Vegas, we had a night sky, which made the lights of the city look incredible. With so many iconic hotels, it was very special being able to see them from above and we would love to do this part again as it went so quickly! We arrived back amongst the private jets and headed back to the Bellagio to watch the fountains.