Beautiful Dorset: Exploring West Lulworth!

Being born and bred in Dorset, I am naturally biased in thinking it is the best county in the UK! However I really don’t think anyone can contest the absolutely stunning scenery found all along the jurassic coast!

One of my favourite places to visit on the jurassic coast is West Lulworth. In particular the beautiful coastal path between the iconic Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. The walk is very popular in the summer holidays – but with good reason… the views are insane! Coming here always makes me me think there is no need to holiday abroad … if only we could guarantee the weather!

Coastal path between Durdle door and Lulworth cove

Definitely a must-visit on a sunny day, although best to try and get here before the crowds in the summer months – you can see a dramatic difference in the number of visitors from my pictures taken last July and this April!

Durdle door July 2016
A muh quieter Durdle door in April 2017
Durdle Door

Durdle door is a great place to bring a blow up dinghy and paddle through the door. The walk down is quite steep though so probably best not to carry too much! The sea here is always so clear but absolutely freezing … you have been warned!

Busy beach in July 2016

Dogs are welcome all year round on the shingley beach although there are no bins or toilets. It looks like there are new facilities being built at the Durdle door campsite carpark, otherwise the closest toilets are at Lulworth cove (a 2.5mile walk away). As I mentioned before, the walk is beautiful… hilly, but beautiful.

Walking down to Durdle door

As well as a coastal path to lulworth, there is also a path to White Nothe – this is even steeper but the views are incredible. Most people do just flood to the door but don’t miss out on the opportunity to see it from another perspective if you are up for the climb!

Head up towards White Nothe to get this view!
And this one…



Normally tourists will park at one location, walk to the other and then back again at the end of the day. The carparks are both owned by Lulworth so if for whatever reason you don’t fancy the climb, you could drive to the other destination and use the same parking ticket… be warned it is not a cheap place to park!

However… there are a couple of free spots if you are willing to get there early enough and walk a little bit further. **At Durdle Door… drive up the hill past the campsite and you can park on the grass verge on the left for free. Then just walk through the campsite, laugh at the ridiculous parking prices, and carry your walk on down to the door**

New nature trail in the Durdle door campsite (for if you manage to grab a free parking space!)

Lulworth cove, proves harder to find free parking, you’ll need to find a spot outside the village and then wander down to the cove.

Walking down to Lulworth cove from Durdle door

Lulworth cove

Lulworth is a very beautiful village and there are a couple of good options for lunch here ranging from a Hall and Woodhouse pub, to fish and chips, to a sandwich from the cafe on the beach. Dogs are also welcome in the cove and it is another popular spot.

Stair hole

A bit of a forgotten gem, stair hole is just a 0.25mile walk from lulworth and backs onto the cove. It’s a lovely spot that always makes me reminisce about Geography lessons; looking at the rock formations! You get a great overview of the cove from the top of the hill as well, so definitely worth a little wander round before you head home.

Have I persuaded you enough yet? If not, keep scrolling for more photos. I promise you this one is worth a visit!

The other side of the door

If you are thinking of visiting; check out my tips on where to camp in the nearby purbecks or my post on the nearby idillic town of Corfe and it’s magnificent castle!